The Scopia Elite 5000 Series MCU is Radvision’s state-of-the-art platform for high definition multi-party conferencing. Utilizing the latest in DSP technology, Scopia Elite’s advanced media processing supports 1080p and provides telepresence interoperability, dynamic resource allocation, and advanced H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology for uncompromised HD support.


Scopia Elite 5000 Series MCU Highlights


Supreme High Definition 


With 1080p video processing, HD audio, multi-stream telepresence connectivity, personal video layouts and unlimited conferences, Scopia Elite offers supreme high definition conferencing. Utilization of the latest state-of-the-art DSP technology delivers uncompromised HD.


Flexible Resources


Mixed endpoint applications with HD and standard video are supported with ease and efficiency. Enhanced definition at 4X capacity affords excellent value. On-demand, dynamic and automatic resource allocation supports any combination of endpoint capabilities without complex configuration changes.


Optimized Quality


Individual encoding for each participant ensures an optimal quality experience on any network without affecting other participants. H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) delivers superior performance over compromised networks.


Maximum Usability 


Scopia Elite was designed by users and administrators for usability and simplicity. On-screen information overlays, easy conference creation and entry through the enhanced video auto attendant and IVR make attending conferences simple. Complicated tasks are simple through the industry leading management interface; users can view important statistics at a glance saving time, money and headache.


Designed to Scale 


Unequalled scalability is achieved through a patented, distributed architecture. SVC is utilized between Scopia Elite MCUs enabling resilient connections in poor network conditions. The Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) delivers investment protection through a reliable and future proof platform..